Title With Icon


In basic, featured image / heading component with icon support.

Icon : Search and choose on of available icon for your list from more than one thousand hand crafted & picked type icons.

Icon Size : regular (16px), large (32px), xlarge (48px), xxlarge (64px) and xxxlarge (128px) options are available.

Icon Alternative Color : If you like to use another color for your icon but not from content, use it.

Icon Background Type : 4 different option available for it.

Clear : Only icon, no background.

Rectangle : Square background for your icon.

Rounded : Circle background for your icon.

Circle : No background, only circle line around your icon.

Icon Background Color : Background color for your icon.

Icon Shadow Color : Use this option to add realistic shadow to icon.

Heading Style : Select size of title. H1,H2,H3,H4,H5 and H6 options are available.

Link  (on icon) : URL to go on click event.

Link target : Target window to use on click event.

Title : Title of the box.

Font Color : Will affect only text color, not icon.

Connected : When you select “yes” your Title With Icon components will be tied with a dashed border to next one.

Content : Summary / Short Details of the box.