Team Member Extended

On click member image that will display more info or entered bio data as below.

Add “Team Member – Extended” via visual composer

Enter required parameters as below *

Generates beautifully animated team member boxes with ease.

Member Image : Select image for your team member.

Title : Title for your Team Member, like a name.

Sub Title : Sub Title for your Team Member, like work title.

Excerpt : Something short about your team member.

Twitter : Twitter account name.

Facebook : Facebook account name / ID

Pinterest : Pinterest account name.

LinkedIn : LinkedIn account name.

Link : Any URL could be set as link, so you can create a details / CV / Portfolio page for your team member.

Use Extended Content : In case you’d lie to display more info or bio about staff please switch ON and enter your text data.

CSS Animation : Select type of animation if you want this element to be animated when it enters into the browsers viewport. Note: Works only in modern browsers.