Social Icons

LogiTech includes a large set of social icons that can be used all throughout the theme. These social icons are a custom font icon so will always be super crisp and not require any images. Using a font icon also allows us to have advanced color options. Social Icons can be used in several different areas.

Accounts – Accounts tab in Appearance > Customize > Social is where you will insert your custom social media links for each network you want to display. The URL’s you enter on this tab will apply to the social icons in the header and footer. For example, if you want to display the Facebook icon in the header or footer, you need to insert the URL of your Facebook page in the corresponding field. (see attached screenshot)


Icon Sorting – The Social tab in Appearance > Customize > Social also allows you to manually sort the social icons in the order you wish them to appear. Beside each social network field can be sort drag&drop. Use your mouse to drag and drop the field into place. Set the order of icons you desire then click save. The order you set on this tab will apply to all social icons throughout the site: header and footer. (see attached screenshot)