Titles, Tags & Meta

One of the best way to keep getting traffic for your oldest of post is make them search engine friendly.

Post Title and Meta title:


First thing which I want you to understand is how post title and Meta title are different.

  • Post title: That’s how your reader will see the post
  • Post Meta title: That’s what search engine will see and show in search result.
Though it’s always a good practice to keep your target Keyword in Post title and meta title. Usually your Post title is H1 tag and it’s important to have your Keyword in post title.

Tip: Keep post title less than 66 characters

Post Meta Keywords:


This is one of the most crucial part which we tends to ignore. Every post you write is important from ranking and traffic point of view. Google sees every blog post as a different webpage, so you can rank every post for certain keywords. Most common mistake which we make is by using the generic keywords in every blog post.

Use Keyword research tool or tool like Traffic travis to see Keyword competition and searches/month. This will help you to pick the best Keyword. Now, use the same Keyword in your post title, post description and in Meta keywords. Though, Google says they don’t give any weight-age to Meta keywords, so you can ignore this. But, in such case always try to bold your keyword within post.

Now you have keywords and post title with you, when you write a post, you should mention the keywords in the post. How Google is going to see this post, it will see the meta keywords and will try to find keywords in the post.

Image Alt attribute:


This is one thing which we usually ignore. We use software’s like Snag it or use sites to find the image for post. Though we never tend to optimize the images for keywords. Most of the time images have name like image001.JPG and so on. It’s always a good idea to keep the name relevant to image itself. For example, you take a screenshot of Adsense dashboard and now you use name as adsense. Again it’s not targeted. You should rather use name as Adsense-dashboard. We use a useful plugin call SEO friendly Image, which uses the image name as ALT attributes and thus when people search for image in Google Image search, will land on your blog post. If not, you can always manually add Alternate text while you upload an image. I have seen positive effect of using Keyword in image anchor text, so atleast use your Keyword in one of the image alt text.

Interlink and Anchor text:

When we write a new post, it’s always a good idea to link back to old post. So that readers will find the old posts and also search engine will re-crawl the old blog post. Now when you interlink, you should use the anchor text technique to interlink. In simple words, when you link to a blog post, you see an option to add Link and title. Make sure you fill out the post title or main keywords for the post you are linking to.


Permalink and remove stop words:


When we write a post, we usually use post title with lots of stop words. You can find a comprehensive list of Stop Words here and here. So for example, when we write a post with title:

3 ways to make a blog business plan. Your post permalink by default would be: domain.com/3-ways-to-make-a-blog-business-plan.html

Now there are many stop words in this: For example: to, a. You can click on edit permalink and change the permalink to Blog-business-plan.

H1, H2, H3 Headings:


By default in any SEO optimized theme, post title is H1 tags. So for next sub heading you can use H2 heading, and H3 heading and so on.

Specially when you writing a long post, it’s always a good idea to use proper heading tags for effective SEO. You can refer to following posts for better understanding of how to use headings within blog posts.< Link1>  <Link 2>

According to SEO community, it’s a good idea to use your Keyword in H1, H2, H3 Tags.

Quick Checklist:

  • Post title for readers & search engine (Keyword in H1, H2, H3 and Post title)
  • Post Permalink (Stop words free and Keywords in Permalink)
  • Interlinking within post with Anchor text
  • Image Alt text (Keyword)
  • Post meta description (Optimize it for better CTR and use your target keyword once)
  • Post Meta keywords (Could be ignored)
  • Link to on external high MOZrank source.