Restaurants / Services Menu

Restaurants/Services Menu module is used to create customized menus. A good styling interface handles the styling task of the menu in a proper way. Let’s create a service menu step by step.

Step 1 : Add Menu element via page builder.

Step 2 : This menu meant to work as full width on the page. To do this please choose Strech row and content (no paddings) options via row settings.

Step 3 : Now you can add a menu category.

Step 4 :  Choose a proper image for this category as cover. Category Title and Window Title also required.

Step 5 :  Now you need to add a Subtitle which is optional.

Step 6 : Enter Subtitle label

Step 7 :  Now you can add menu item.

Step 8: This tab actually adds menu items to the menu. Various properties like title, description , price, extra label of the menu item. “Label” field can be use to display if the item recommended or a new one.

Congratulations! you’ve added a full service category with listed items. Now you can duplicate this main category and change required fields or start over for next one.